Key Features

New home for the mountain of stuffed animals

Fun storage bag for all of those stuffed animals that doubles as a bean bag style chair when full. An instant room makeover so that your child can keep all their favourite soft toys and you get a de-cluttered room with a clear access to their bed!

High quality

Made from 100% high quality cotton canvas. The bags are machine washable with a covered zip that will not scratch your child or wooden floors. They have been tested in a CPSC-accredited laboratory and are CPSIA and ASTM compliant.

Easy for Kids to Use

An alternative to traditional toy storage hammocks with an extra long zip so your child can get to whichever toy they want themselves, whenever they want. The handle makes it easy to move the bean bag style chair around to use wherever you want such as family movie night, the reading corner.

Useful extra storage solution for anything soft

A versatile organizer that can be used like an ottoman to store anything soft such as spare bedding, towels, seasonal or dress-up clothes.